Our Instructors

OutFit offers an incredibly unique style of personal training. We continue to challenge clients on balance and integrated movements. The foundation of core strength and stability is the beginning of a lifetime of continuous physical activity. We pride ourselves on keeping our training safe and individualized for each client, regardless of age and physical limitations. OutFit has become a wonderful community of hard working people, with non-judgement and common ground of dedicating themselves to a lifetime of fitness and living fully.

Stephanie Frigo
Owner and President of OutFit, LLC
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
OutFit Boot camp instructor
Resist-A-Ball, C.O.R.E. Level One, Level Two, Yoga with Resist-A-Ball
Yoga Integrated Science I&II
Dynamic Medicine Ball Training, C.H.E.K. Institute
Certified Keiser and RealRyder Spinning Instructor,
TRX Certified, Biomechanics Level 1,
IDEA Health & Fitness Association member since 2003

Matthew Sullivan
Mathew approaches physical fitness holistically by supporting his clients in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition, and the mind body connection. He believes that by incorporating workouts into daily life and transforming fitness into a lifestyle, one gains both the physical and mental confidence to conquer any challenge. Mathew will focus on your individual goals and help you to overcome any mental obstacles that might be getting in your way. Matthew is ACSM certified.

Missy Burge
Missy Burge is an athlete, an avid runner, skier, surfer, and former college lacrosse player. Missy loves to inspire others to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. A certified ACE personal trainer and Keiser spin instructor, Missy’s fitness philosophy incorporates strength, resistance, core stability and agility training. This effective style has her clients simultaneously seeing results and having fun. She loves outdoor training in addition to Outfit’s unique indoor training environment.

Julia Duncan
Julia is certified by the National Strength and conditioning Association and is a certified RealRyder instructor. She has been in the fitness industry since 1991 and has worked for OutFit since 2007. She takes pride in her clients and teaches an array of exercises including core, functional and strength training exercises. Her goal is to help clients become conditioned to live a healthy and active life.

Jill Falinski
Jill graduated from Murray State with an exercise physiology degree. She has been teaching cycling for over 10 years. She is an avid athlete and has trained for several marathons and triathlons. Her RealRyder class is a power ride full of intervals and endurance. Take your current cycling performance to the next level with this well-structured class. From general fitness goals preparation, this class is the right variety to increase and better your current cycling level.

John Ledford
John started indoor cycling in 1998 while he was living in Colorado. He took the Johnny G. Spinning certification course in Boulder. The JCC in Denver was the first place he began teaching and has been hooked ever since. John will be taking clients on on a virtual ride, describing the lay of the land, either climbing or just cruising down an open road. He’s not only the instructor, but an incredible DJ. He will show you how to have a Rock-n-roll Dance Party while spinning on these amazing RealRyders!